Naples Spaghetti House

Est. 1923


Chicken balsamic penne toss sliced chicken breast sauteed in olive oil with garlic, basil pesto, tomatoes & mushrooms. Topped with balsamic glaze & shaved parmesan served with fresh garden salad $13.95


Tuesday 8/4 through Friday 8/7

  1. Grilled chicken breast topped with cheese, marinara sauce & roasted red pepper served with salad $9.95
  2. Grilled ham & cheese sandwich served with cup of soup $8.50
  3. Lunch size antipasto salad served with side of spaghetti $9.95
  4. Stuffed rigatoni (ricotta cheese) $8.95
  5. Beer battered cod served with macaroni & cheese $9.95
  6. Hot meatloaf sandwich served with mashed potatoes $8.95